Natty by Design has come to an end.

You know how you can make one decision that can impact every aspect of your life (and your family’s) for years to come?

Six weeks ago I made one of them.

And it wasn’t an easy one.

I decided to stop refinishing.

The first two weeks, I second guessed myself everyday.  Told myself that I could make it work.

But I constantly reminded myself of the peace I felt as I first expressed my feelings to Zac and the prompting that started the conversation where I told him I felt like I should be done.

I’m finally feeling brave enough to give up something that brings me a lot of satisfaction and pride.  And something that has been part of my everyday life for three and a half years.

Partly for the five little people in my life, but mostly for me.  I need to slow down, soak in all that’s around me and enjoy life more.

Stop seeing each day as a check list of things that need to be done.

I tell you, after the first couple weeks of hesitation, I realized this is absolutely the right decision.

I feel happy.  I feel peace.  And most importantly I’m enjoying life and time with my family more.


I will miss painting.  I will miss the people I meet and get to connect with because of it.  I will miss this blog and the wonderful people I’ve had the chance to interact with through it.

But I have one shot at this mom thing and I want to get it right.  And for me that means slowing down and giving my time to the things and people that matter most.



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Available :: glossy black vintage Bali Hai dresser!

It’s finally finished!

This piano black has proven to be the most difficult finish I’ve taken on to date.  It hasn’t’ helped that a mosquito landed in it originally and botched the finish (you may remember the drama from back here) and then little miss Isabelle tripped in the garage after a fresh coat of paint was sprayed (she wasn’t supposed to be in there, mind you) and used the wet dresser to steady herself and left a perfect little handprint in the finish.

Oh goodness.  I had to count to ten and take lots of deep breaths, for sure.

henry link bali hai dresser

henry link bali hai dresser painted

Here it is before…


IMG_4314sshenry link bali hai dresser painted

Anyway, after many,many moons, its available for purchase.  Email me for shipping and pricing questions.  (The dimensions are 34 3/4 w x 18 1/4 d x 49 1/4 h).


xo Natalie

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Gray Faux Bamboo Dresser

It’s been too long!  The past two months have been really travel heavy for Zac which has made it difficult to find the mental energy to post project progress over here.  I’ve missed it!

I just finished up a vintage faux bamboo dresser.  It’s darling I tell you!

Vintage faux bambou dresser in Benjamin Moore's Gray Timberwolf and Sweatshirt Gray.

Vintage faux bambou dresser in Benjamin Moore's Gray Timberwolf and Sweatshirt Gray.

The gray is a half step up from BM’s Gray Timberwolf.

Vintage faux bambou dresser in Benjamin Moore's Gray Timberwolf and Sweatshirt Gray.



Vintage faux bambou dresser in Benjamin Moore's Gray Timberwolf and Sweatshirt Gray.  Vintage faux bambou dresser in Benjamin Moore's Gray Timberwolf and Sweatshirt Gray.  
She’s a beauty!  Tall, elegant, lots of storage space and available here.

Vintage faux bambou dresser in Benjamin Moore's Gray Timberwolf and Sweatshirt Gray.


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Orange Chiavari Chairs

I hope you had a great weekend!  Zac and I celebrated our 11th anniversary.  11  years!!  It was an emotional day for me.  I felt overwhelmed with gratitude looking back on these last 11 years and all we’ve been through and how much we’ve grown together.  I feel so immensely blessed.

On to the chiavari chairs! My instructions for these chairs was to make them look like they’d just come out a lacquer bath. IMG_2648ss

That meant a couple coats of oil based Calypso Orange followed by a couple coats of a clear gloss – also oil.

IMG_2639ss Commissioned by Jaimee rose, interior designer, for client George Abrams

But not before three rounds of stripper and a lot of elbow grease.  (The velco is for the seat covers that go with them.)


Oil based paints are wet for so long (like 6 to 8 hours long) that dust is a real issue when you’re going for a glossy look.  If you’ve worked with really gloss paints, you know they show everything!  I’ve started taking a thin painters plastic and creating a small make shift spray booth in my garage to contain the dust and to also contain the overspray.  It works really well.


I started with the chairs upside down, sprayed the bottom and immediately turned them right side up and sprayed the tops.  I did the same with the following coats.  The recoat time on this paint is 24 hours, so this method saves a bit of time and also means fewer times my spray gun needs to be cleaned.




My etsy shop is finally up and running!!  Come check it out!

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My new favorite green paint color!

Check out this green!  Isn’t it amazing?!


A client requested it for a little table for her nursery and I was a little nervous when I first looked at the swatch… Neon Green? 

But I was so wrong about it; I couldn’t love it more.


This is the table before.  It’s hard to tell from this glamorous  photo, but it’s silver leafed.


And here it is after… See why it’s my new favorite green?


What do you think?  Too bright?  Or are you loving it too?

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